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RUR mln/%

Indicator2011201220132013 against
2012 in %
Proceeds from external uranium product sales 68 976 69 539 65 948 94,8
Other proceeds 1 538 39 211 541,0
Total 70 514 69 578 66 159 95,1
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In 2013, the Company gained most of its revenues from uranium product sales in overseas markets. Those sales made up 99,7% of the total proceeds. The currency pattern of the proceeds shows the dominance of USD and euro contracts, with other currencies representing a negligible share.

of total proceeds received by JSC Techsnabexport were from uranium product sales in the external market

The proceeds under the HEU-LEU Programme are not shown in the Company’s revenues and were fully transferred to Russia’s federal budget.

The proceeds from uranium last year were cumulatively influenced by the following factors:

  • recall of the enriched uranium deliveries and the reduction of 2013 option orders by a number of utilities, which were the Company’s clients, due to the consequences of the Fukushima- Daiichi accident;
  • the drop of market prices;
  • currency exchange rate changes (the average weighted exchange rate of USD for factual shipments in 2013 was RUR 31.1/US $1.00, while in 2013 it was RUR 31.9/US $1.00); and
  • changes in the sales programme (start of deliveries under the long-term contract with USEC and the Company activity towards additional option/spot sales in 2013).

Other proceeds in 2013 grew in comparison to 2012 due to an increase in orders for high-technology and science-intensive equipment deliveries.

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