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Membership in professional organisations and associations

Organisation/associationDescriptionJSC Techsnabexport involvement
1. World Nuclear Association (WNA) The most representative international association that unites producers and consumers of NFC products and services, and engineering, reactor engineering, and shipping companies operating in the nuclear industry. The association holds annual symposia and conferences and issues analytical reviews and long-term outlooks on the development of the global nuclear power and uranium market. Membership since 1991.
The Company General Director was on the WNA Governing Board from 2005–2012.
2. Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) The largest US association of nuclear power and industry organisations. Established in 1994 to represent collective interests of the nuclear community in interactions with government authorities and international organisations. The NEI members include the US nuclear market participants and most international companies in the global NFC market. Member since 2008
3. International Organisation of the World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM) An international association of consumers, producers, and suppliers of NFC products and services. Established in 1974 to facilitate the development of trading nuclear materials for nuclear power and industry needs. WNFM members include 93 companies from 20 countries. Member since 2001
4. Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF) A non-profit, non-governmental association of Japanese utilities, nuclear equipment producers, construction firms, and research and scientific laboratories. It annually holds representative international conferences, gathering more than 1,000 nuclear power experts, including permanent members of JAIF and representatives of international organisations, as well as state and local authorities of Japan. Associated membership since 1998
5. Korea Atomic Industrial Forum (KAIF) An international non-profit association, whose members include approximately 90 the Republic of Korea and foreign nuclear organisations. It publishes information and analytical bulletins, and holds a number of annual training sessions on nuclear technology development; jointly with the Republic of Korea Nuclear Society, it holds an international conference, which is the platform that the world NFC market participants use to identify and discuss promising areas of cooperation. Associate member since 2004
6. All-Russia sectoral association of employers Union of Employers in Nuclear Industry, Power and Science of Russia (UE NIPS of Russia) A non-profit organisation of Russia’s employers operating in nuclear power, industry, and science. UE NIPS members include more than 50 enterprises and organisations within the ROSATOM system. UE NIPS of Russia is a member of the Russian Trilateral Commission for the Regulation of Social and Labour Relations. Member since 2007
7. World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) An international nuclear organisation that represents the collective interests of companies that ship nuclear materials and render safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services. Associated membership resumed in 2012
8. Non-profit Partnership Russian Corporate Council Association (RCCA) A non-profit organisation established to facilitate the advancement of proficiency in law and the training of corporate lawyers. Membership since 2013

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