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Key tools for achieving strategic goals

The Company considers the key tools for the achievement of its strategic goals as:

  • broadening of the range of exported products (Section 3.2.);
  • the priority promotion of maximum added value products in the market;
  • overcoming trade barriers through the globalisation of the production and sales infrastructure;
  • the development of transport and logistics infrastructure (Section 4.2.);
  • further development of risk management systems and the compliance function (Section 4.3.);
  • the improvement of corporate management systems (Subsection 2.2.1. and Section 4.4.);
  • the implementation of effective cost management methods based on the ROSATOM Production System;
  • the development of human resources (Section 5.3.);
  • the implementation of the sales policy vectored to the development of direct relations with utilities based on longterm contracts; and
  • building up strategic alliances with foreign companies in the target regional markets.

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