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Diversification of shipping points

The Company has implemented a programme to diversify the shipping points of the exported uranium products through the West and East transportation and logistics hubs (TLH

Transportation and Logistics Hub
) projects.

In the reporting year, under the TLH

Transportation and Logistics Hub
West Project, the plot of land for building the interim storage facility and transshipment point of Class 7 dangerous goods was re-categorised from forestland to an industrial plot under a directive issued by the Government of the Russian Federation. Additionally, in October 2013, a land lease contract was signed with the Committee of Natural Resources of the Leningrad Region to provide for building a railway and a highway.
Under the TLH

Transportation and Logistics Hub
East project, JSC Techsnabexport continued testing a new route for uranium product shipments via Russia’s Far East.

During 2013, the Company prepared and completed the procedure of choosing and licensing Russian and international carriers, and coordinated the interaction pattern with embarkation/debarkation at seaports. This allowed for the carrying out of two deliveries of enriched uranium from Vostochny Seaport in Maritime Territory (Russia) to the Republic of Korea. The material was intended for the fabrication of fuel for NPPs of the Republic of Korea.

The transshipment of the freight at the terminal of the Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company LLC, which has a long history of arranging container shipments and is the largest supplier of these services in the Far East of Russia, was carried out within the shortest time possible in accordance with all safety requirements.

Thus, the feasibility of regular commercial shipments of the Russian nuclear industry’s high-technology products to APR

Asia-Pacific Region
countries via the Far East transport corridor was confirmed in practice.

On the Russian side, the project participants were JSC Techsnabexport affiliates: JSC SPb IZOTOP and ТENEX-Korea Co. Ltd., as well as JSC Concern ASPOL-Baltic, SPb Emergency Technical Centre, and a number of other entities.

The near-term plans include the continuation of export-import operations via the port in the Far East.

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