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Description of JSC Techsnabexport personnel

The JSC Techsnabexport personnel are specialists with broad knowledge in foreign trade and project management, finance, international law, NFC, logistics, and other areas necessary for the Company’s success. This was reconfirmed by the results of an annual appraisal of all employees of JSC Techsnabexport and its A&S (RECORD) held as per ROSATOM’s directives in April–May 2013:

Distribution of final evaluations of JSC Techsnabexport employees, %

А Exceptional performance level 1
B Excellent performance level 18
C Fully competent performance level 81
D Marginal performance level 0
E Unsatisfactory performance level 0
Company’s authorised staff size by the 2013 year-end

In 2013, JSC Techsnabexport employees were given corporate and institutional awards for prominent results, as well as for productive and efficient work (Subsection 5.3.3.). Furthermore, three specialists from the Company were prize winners of the contest “ROSATOM’s Person of the Year 2013”, which was held for the first time in the nuclear industry. They won in the categories “Internal Control and Internal Audit”, “Treasury and Risk Management”, and “Financial and Economic Activity (Economics and Financial Controlling)”.


The Company’s authorised staff size was composed of 368 people by the 2013 year-end.

Being guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the sectoral Agreement of the All-Russia Sectoral Union of Employers “Union of Employers of Nuclear Industry, Power, and Science of Russia”, sectoral acts, and institutional acts, the Company observes labour relationship norms in terms of remuneration, labour conditions and protection, work and rest schedules, employment, social protection, benefits, and compensation for employees. The Company notifies employees about upcoming material changes in the regulation of social and labour relations two months prior to their effect.

There are no collective bargaining agreements and retirement or dismissal facilitation programmes for employees in JSC Techsnabexport.

Total staff by employment pattern and work contract (persons)

Staff size

Staff turnover

The number of employees who returned from statutory (maternity) leave and the percentage of the staff in the Company who remained on statutory leave, by gender26

Remained on leave

Returned after parental leave

Left for maternity leave,
parental leave (persons)

Share of those who remained with the
Company after maternity leave (%)

Remained after return from
parental leave (persons)

Resigned after parental leave

Number and percentage of newly employed in 2013

Staff number by work contract (persons) Staff number by employment pattern (persons)

26 No men used the right for statutory leave.

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