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Stakeholder engagement

took part in the discussion of the Report Concept

The stakeholders were involved in the Report writing at all key stages, starting with drafting the Report Concept all the way through the review of the Report’s final draft revision, and had ample opportunity to state their requests and recommendations.

Regarding the public reporting effort, a new approach to organising stakeholder engagement was tested, i.e. interim face-to-face public events were not held; instead, the interaction was carried out routinely, including the discussion of the Report Concept through a questionnaire. The Company held public consultations on the draft of the Public Annual Report attended by representatives of a broad circle of stakeholders. The participation information sessions included:

participated in the public consultations on the draft of the Report
  • discussion of the Report Concept (39 participants) and
  • public consultations on the draft of the Report (43 participants).

From 11 October to 5 November 2013, a remote dialogue formatted as a questionnaire for representatives of the main shareholder groups was conducted. It was suggested that the shareholders express their opinions on the draft Report Concept, including:

  • the proposed priority topic of the Report;
  • the draft structure of the Report;
  • key events/achievements of the Company offered for disclosure;
  • the Report parameters, including the declared level of conformance to international standards; and
  • the identification and ranking of the stakeholders.

Based on the questionnaire outcomes, the Report Concept was adjusted, stakeholders’ requests for disclosure of information related to the Company’s activities in 2013 at an early stage in the Report drafting were identified, and the opinion of questionnaire respondents regarding the priority of Company stakeholders (taken account of in the ranking map given below) was received. The composition of main stakeholder groups, which was identified during the drafting process of the Public Annual Report for 2010 did not undergo substantial changes.

Ranking map of JSC Techsnabexport stakeholder groups

Public consultations on the draft Report were held on 29 April 2014. The consultation participants were representatives of a broad circle of stakeholders, including related divisions of ROSATOM, MED of Russia, FSTEC of Russia, Rostechnadzor, JSC TVEL, JSC Atomredmetzoloto, JSC SPb IZOTOP, JSC RUSATOM Overseas, JSC UECC, JSC AECC, JSC Atomenergomash, AREVA, Nukem, Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC, NAC International, CIFAL, non-governmental organisations, and the mass media.

The meeting participants had an opportunity to read the report in advance.

The Company’s General Director also attended the consultations. In the course of the consultations, detailed information was presented that covered key production and financial outcomes of the reporting year, as well as activity results in the context of economic, environmental, and social aspects of the Company’s sustainable development.

The issues regarding the organisation of the public reporting system in JSC Techsnabexport and the engagement of stakeholders, starting from shaping the Report Concept through writing its final revision, were presented in detail.

The meeting participants noted the high quality of the Report, the Company’s creative approach to the preparation of events involving the stakeholders, and the optimisation of interaction with the stakeholders.

The record of the public consultations with the stakeholders can be found on the Company’s website: http://www.tenex.ru/wps/wcm/connect/tenex/site/press/events/24fa800043d07edfb2a6f658732d9c8b.

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