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The Company’s social policy

JSC Techsnabexport is a socially responsible company that continuously focuses on maintaining the workforce quality, development of the corporate culture, the training and advancement of employees, motivation, and benefit plans.

In 2012, the Company joined the Social Charter of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP

Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
), thereby confirming its adherence to the fundamental principles that it stipulates:
  • to treat human life as a supreme value;
  • to treat labour safety and health of employees as a key priority;
  • to recognise the labour rights of employees as an intrinsic part of human rights;
  • to recognise employees as the Company’s most important asset; and
  • to observe any human rights related to the Company’s activities.

The Company’s social policy is conducted through social benefit programmes in various areas under the uniform policy approved by ROSATOM, including:

RUR million
Total expenditures for the voluntary medical insurance of the Company’s employees in 2013
  • voluntary medical insurance;
  • accident and health insurance;
  • non-state pension provision;
  • arrangements for summer recreation of employees’ children;
  • organisation and hosting of sports and fitness events; and
  • financial support of employees.

In 2013, the total amount spent for social benefits programmes28 was RUR 14.23 million or RUR 38,355, as recalculated per employee on the staff schedule (371 people).

The Provision on Social Benefits and Incentives of JSC Techsnabexport Employees due to Awarding establishes a uniform procedure of rendering financial support, as well as various types, sizes, and rendering terms of such support, additional payment for sick leave, and benefits for employees if they are given state awards from the Russian Federation. The Provision covers all employees who have signed labour contracts with the Company, exclusive of those in the initial trial period, in secondary employment, and those contracted for up to one year.

Voluntary medical insurance

Voluntary medical insurance is provided for the Company’s employees in accordance with the sectoral Standard of Voluntary Medical Insurance of ROSATOM. The Company’s medical insurance programmes are intended to render qualified medical aid in Moscow hospitals and are essential to keep employees capable of working and healthy.

In December 2013, JSC Techsnabexport signed a voluntary medical insurance (VMI

Voluntary Medical Insurance
) policy with SOGAZ Insurance Company. The policy is valid until 31.12.2015. Total expenditures for the voluntary medical insurance of the Company’s employees were RUR 6 million in 2013.

Voluntary Medical Insurance
programmes include services as follows:
  • outpatient care;
  • first-aid and emergency medical service;
  • dental service in specialised clinics; and
  • hospital service.

Non-state pension provision

The corporate pension programme is co-financed: the employee transfers up to 50% of the assessed contribution to the registered pension account and the employer - JSC Techsnabexport - pays up to 100%.

As per the decision of ROSATOM management, the corporate pension programme is managed by the sectoral Non-governmental Pension Fund (NPF

Non-governmental Pension Fund
) Atomgarant, which was established on 11 March 1994, Certificate No. 1489, issued by the Moscow Registration Chamber.
The rating agency Expert RA, on 30 June 2012, confirmed the individual reliability rating of NPF

Non-governmental Pension Fund
Atomgarant at А++, the “Highest Level of Reliability”.
Under the Company’s corporate pension programme and according to the Pension Rules of NPF

Non-governmental Pension Fund
, all JSC Techsnabexport employees who take part in the programme are benefiting from the pension scheme called “Defined contribution. Registered.
participate in the corporate pension programme

Pension payments made during several years”. The payments are made over 15 years. The corporate pension programme is co-financed: the employee transfers up to 50% of the assessed contribution to the registered pension account and the employer pays up to 100%. At the time of joining the programme, the length of service in the Company should not be less than one year; furthermore, the right to receive the pension arises after seven years of service in the Company.

In 2013, four more employees were included in the corporate pension programme of the Company. Thus, as of 31 December 2013, the corporate pension programme covered 138 people. In the reporting year, pension contributions were paid to their pension accounts.

Number of employees joining the corporate pension programme over time, (%)

Sports programmes

The Company supports the interest of its employees for a healthy life and sports activities. In November 2013, as the XXII Olympics in Sochi approached, JSC Techsnabexport held a corporate curling tournament, in which over 150 employees and their family members took part.

In September 2013, JSC Techsnabexport’s team took part in the II All-Russia Nuclear Industry Cup held at the indoor track of the Locomotive Small Arena. The contestants consisted of teams from 33 sectoral enterprises.

28 The voluntary medical insurance, accident and health insurance, non-state pension provision, purchase of vouchers to recreational institutions, travel expenses of employees to get to/from office, expenses for the organisation of public cultural and sports events, bonuses on anniversary and festive occasions, and financial support of the Company’s employees and pensioners.

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