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Support of environmental programmes and projects

Programmes and projects in the field of environmental protection and wildlife protection are supported by grant (target) financing. The Company’s charitable initiatives are approved by ROSATOM Charity Committee.

In the reporting year, which was declared as the Environmental Protection Year in Russia by Order of the President of Russia No. 1157 of 10.08.2012, JSC Techsnabexport rendered financial support to:

  • the programme on the preservation and study of animals in “The Red Book” and other especially important representatives of fauna within the Russian Federation;
  • the project “Rare and declining species of large mammals: study and preservation strategy” (Federal Wildlife Resort Khakasskiy);
  • the project “Beluga: the white whale of Gulf of Anadyr of the Bering Sea” (Pacific Research Fisheries Centre);
  • the project “Preservation of the manul cat in Transbaikalia” (Federal Wildlife Resort Daurskiy);
  • the project “Model project of recruitment of the snow leopard population in Western Sayan” (Federal Wildlife Biosphere Resort Sayano-Shushenskiy);
  • the project “Identification and mapping of habitats important for maintaining populations of rare marine mammals and white bears in the Frantz Josef Land Archipelago” (“Russian Arctic” national park);
  • the project “Study of the Beluga whale and white bear in the Russian Arctic” (Marine Mammal Council);
  • the project “Study and population monitoring of the Far East leopard” (Federal Wildlife Biosphere Resort Kedrovaya Pad, Leopards Land National Park);
  • the project “Outfitting and support of the leopard rehabilitation centre” (Wildlife Resort Ussurijskiy of FEB RAS

    Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • the X international children’s environmental forum “Green Planet 2013”;
  • the festival “Ecological Marathon”;
  • the international festival “Ecological Culture: Peace and Conciliation”;
  • the XIX international conference “Environmental education for sustainable development: experience of developed countries for countries with developing and transitional economies”; and
  • the III All-Russia Environmental Education Conference.

JSC Techsnabexport’s spending to support environmental programmes and projects grew by 1.5 times from 2009 to total RUR 215 million in the reporting year.

The Company’s spending for ecological charity initiatives from 2009–2013

The funds were transferred to the following beneficiary-entities:

  • All-Russia Non-governmental Organisation “Russian Geographical Society”;
  • Autonomous Non-profit Organisation “Eurasian Centre of Study, Saving and Renewal of Population of Leopards”;
  • Interregional Environmental Non-governmental Organisation “GREENLIFE”;
  • Regional Non-governmental Organisation “Public Association of Affected by Radiation Incidents Chernobyl-Atom”;
  • Non-governmental Organisation “Moscow Nature Recovery and Protection Society”;
  • Autonomous Non-profit Organisation “Nuclear Industry Regional Development Centre”; and
  • Autonomous Non-profit Organisation “Nuclear Industry Information Centre”.

Under the agreement terms, the beneficiary submits to the Company reports on target use of the funds, indicating measures implemented and outcomes gained.

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