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Radiation safety of shipments

JSC Techsnabexport’s radiation safety activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of international and Russian legislation and local regulations, as well as licence conditions granted by Rostechnadzor for nuclear material handling in transit.

The radiation safety activities in the transportation of nuclear material, including conveyance, interim transit storage, and hauling operations, are regulated by the Company’s standards.

The safety of the supply chain is maintained through developed and approved Programmes of quality assurance and radiation safety in handling nuclear material during the transportation of NFC products. The suppliers within the supply chain observe regulatory requirements using similar programmes; when they are awarded contracts, the requirements for the transfer of the area of responsibility for ensuring safety in the course of performing their functions within the supply chain are also formalised.

The Company ships products in special TUKs, which fully meet transportation safety requirements. All TUKs are granted Russian certificate-permissions for the package design and transport, as well as national certificates from the destination countries.

JSC Techsnabexport tracks the validity and relevance of the content of certificate-permissions of TUKs that are used by the Company for the product deliveries, the availability of Rostechnadzor’s licences for activities in the field using atomic energy for the Russian nuclear material suppliers, and plans to eliminate any consequences of potential transportation accidents.

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