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Prevention of corrupt practices

potential contractors of the Company passed the DSR

Directorate for Security and Regime
check in 2013
Within the Company, revealing and preventing corrupt practices is the responsibility of the Directorate for Security and Regime (DSR) and ICAD

Internal Control and Audit Department
In 2013, DSR

Directorate for Security and Regime
, together with Herbert Smith Freehills CIS LLP (a law firm in the United Kingdom), finished developing an anti-corruption and bribery system in the Company as per the UK Bribery Act of 2010. A training seminar on anti-corruption issues for 45 top managers of the Company (about 50% of the total managerial staff) was also conducted.

Order No. 006/334-P of 13.11.2013 issued by the General Director approved the “Corruption and Bribery Prevention Policy of JSC Techsnabexport” and the “Regulation for Work with Contractors of JSC Techsnabexport”. In the course of drafting these local regulations, the activity of all the structural units of the Company was analysed with regard to corruption-associated risks. The Company’s spheres of activity susceptible to bribery and corruption were identified.

During 2013, inspections of activities in a number of Russian and foreign affiliates and subsidiaries of the Company were carried out to monitor the assets flow, as well as the efficiency and efficacy of anti-corruption measures.

The General Director approved the Plan of Measures to Strengthen the Existing Control of A&S Activities by JSC Techsnabexport to rule out cases of conflict of interests and other abuses associated with a position, to raise the personal responsibility of A&S managers, and to minimise the risk of thefts and corrupt activities on the part of A&S staff.

Order No. 006/239-P of 03.09.2013 issued by the General Director introduced the Uniform Sectoral Procedure for the verification of information on corrupt and other offences received via the hotline and other channels in the Company.

In 2013, DSR

Directorate for Security and Regime
checked 73 potential contractors of the Company related to security.

The Company actively participates in ROSATOM’s Anti-theft and Anti-fraud Programme. In the reporting year, to eliminate cases of conflict of interests and corrupt practices, 865 contracts were analysed and 211 procurement procedures were assessed.

In 2013, no corrupt schemes or fraudulent actions on the part of the Company’s employees or contractors in the course of contracted activities were revealed. The Company’s assets amounting to RUR 349.9 million were protected.

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