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Procurement management

Average efficiency of procurement bids (%)

Maximum efficiency of procurement bids (%)

In 2013, the Company held tenders totalling over RUR 36.5 billion (inclusive of procurements from the Sole Vendor and the procurement of financial services) in strict observance of the Uniform Sectoral Procurement Standard.

Savings through the tenders (a difference between the limiting procurement price and the contract cost) amounted to RUR 306 million.

The average efficiency of procurement bids exceeded 21%, while the maximum efficiency was 66.7%.

Procedures of the tenders were prepared using the Uniform Sectoral Procurement System (USS Procurements) based on SAP SRM. The electronic procurement procedures are run on electronic trading platforms Fabrikant, www.a-k-d.ru, and roseltorg.ru, which is accredited by ROSATOM.

All procurement KPIs set by ROSATOM for 2013 were met:

Average time from procurement request until decision-making on the vendor 1,00 Meets the target level
Share of open tenders 98,85% Exceeds the preset upper level (97%)
Timeliness of drafting and approval of the Annual Procurement Programme for 2014 30.09.2013 Meets the preset target level (30.09.2013)
Share of tenders on which claims against the organiser/customer of procurement were acknowledged as justified 0% Meets the preset level (0%)

In the reporting period, no claims violations concerning procedures of tender from JSC Techsnabexport were filed.

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