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Supply chain security management

In 2012, the Company, for the first time in Russian nuclear industry, was granted a certificate of compliance of its SCSMS to the International Standard ISO 28000:2007. The certificate was granted by the authority ТÜV Thüringen e.V.

The main objective of SCSMS is the improvement of the reliability and security of product deliveries through a system of risk management regarding the security of export-import supplies of NFC products in the Company.

The SCSMS certification translates into an international acknowledgement of the Company’s competencies in security management at all stages of the logistics supply chain of nuclear products, which is an important element in maintaining the Company’s competitiveness in the world market.

In 2013, the first monitoring audit was carried out regarding the SCSMS, which resulted in seven issues raised and no non-compliances reported.

Sections of the supply chains vulnerable to significant threats and risks were identified for the development and improvement of the SCSMS. Also, measures were taken to reduce supply chain risks and, consequently, to enhance the reliability of contract performance for the clients.

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