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Composition of the Audit Commission

As per the Sole Shareholder’s resolution No. 31 of 28.06.2013, the Company’s Audit Commission consists of:

  • Denis Vasiliev, an adviser at the Accounting Methodology Unit of the Accounting Office at ROSATOM;
  • Oksana Zolotareva, Head of the Operational Efficiency Unit at ROSATOM12; and
  • Natalia Klishevich, a Senior Line of Business Head at the Internal Control and Audit Department of JSC Techsnabexport.

Activities of the Company’s Audit Commission

The Audit Commission controls the financial and economic activities of the Company. This includes an independent credibility evaluation of the financial data being included in both the annual reports and annual financial statements of the Company.

The Audit Commission operates as per the procedure established in the Provision on the Audit Commission of JSC Techsnabexport and approved by the resolution of the Sole Shareholder.

In 2013, the Audit Commission audited the financial and economic activities of the Company for 2013 and issued a statement on the credibility of the financial data contained in the Company’s annual report for 2012 in any material respect, as well as on the credibility of data in the accounting (financial) statement of the Company in any material respect.

No breaches of the accounting procedure and financial reporting established by the regulations of the Russian Federation, or breaches of legal acts of the Russian Federation, which would have substantially affected the credibility of the Company’s reporting data, were revealed in the financial and economic activity in question.

In 2013, the Sole Shareholder did not request that the Audit Commission of the Company conduct additional audits. The Audit Commission held three meetings in the reporting year.

12 Ms. Zolotareva left the Company’s Audit Commission on a voluntary basis on 12.02.2014; the Sole Shareholder resolution No. 36 of 28.03.2014 put Ilya Nikolski on the Commission. Mr. Nikolski is the Deputy Head of Operational Effectiveness and Head of Project Office at ROSATOM.

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