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Organisational structure

JSC Techsnabexport is led by General Director Lyudmila Zalimskaya. She was appointed to the position in April 2013 (she was the Acting General Director from October 2012 until April 2013).

The General Director holds no shares of the Company. During the reporting year, the General Director did not enter acquisition or transfer transactions related to the Company’s shares. The General Director’s cumulative remuneration is determined as per provisions of the unified remuneration system and consists of a position salary and a monthly integrated incentive9, as well as an annual bonus10.

In the reporting year, a new organisational structure within JSC Techsnabexport was developed and approved. The work was done in terms of the sectoral project on the optimisation and unification of ROSATOM enterprises’ organisational structures. According to the new structure, in November 2013, the Company’s top managers who headed functional structural units were transferred to new positions11.

9 It is determined as per the grade (level) of the position in the sectoral position hierarchy.
10 It is determined by a target and the achievement of the key performance indicators.
11 Due to the changes in the organisational structure, all employees of the Company were transferred to new positions in the first quarter of 2014.


Lyudmila Zalimskaya was born on 31 July 1956 in Moscow.
In 1978, she graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR as an economist specialising in international economic relations with knowledge of a foreign language (international economic relations).
In 2009, she graduated from the State University of Management as a master of business administration with high distinction; she is a fluent speaker of English, German, and Dutch.

Ms. Zalimskaya advanced professionally from a position as a foreign correspondence clerk through to an engineer, senior engineer, senior expert, Deputy General Director, General Director of Uranservice, and Head of the Directorate for Uranium Products at JSC Techsnabexport.
She has been awarded with Medals of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” of I and II Classes, a distinction badge “Veteran of Nuclear Power and Industry”, Badges “Academic I. V. Kurchatov” II and III Classes, an anniversary medal “The 65 Years of Nuclear Industry of Russia”, and a badge of distinction “For Merit to the Nuclear Industry” I Class.

Information on the periods of service of the top managers in the nuclear industry/Company.

Lyudmila Mikhailovna Zalimskaya
Position: Commencement date:
General Director 04.08.1978
Valery Nikolayevich Govorukhin
Position: Commencement date:
First Deputy General Director for Strategy and Communications 01.11.2001
Alexei Vasilievich Gorokhovik
Position: Commencement date:
Deputy General Director for Security 12.04.2004
Oleg Igorevich Kozin
Position: Commencement date:
Deputy General Director for Logistics 12.07.1993
Igor Vyacheslavovich Loshakov
Position: Commencement date:
Deputy General Director for Human Resources and Administrative Matters 06.02.1983
Galina Aleksandrovna Lysova
Position: Commencement date:
Chief Accountant 20.04.2006
Sergei Igorevich Polgorodnik
Position: Commencement date:
First Deputy General Director for Commerce 10.01.2006
Andrei Vladimirovich Tovstenko
Position: Commencement date:
Deputy General Director for Strategy and Marketing 03.11.1994
Yuri Aleksandrovich Ulyanin
Position: Commencement date:
Deputy General Director for Economics, Finance, and Information Technology 23.09.2002

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