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Factors influencing the strategy

The Company’s strategy-shaping process is influenced by external and internal factors. The most significant external factors that direct the Company’s strategic development vector include:

  • the dynamic nuclear power development path adopted by a number of countries in the APR

    Asia-Pacific Region
    , Africa, and the Middle East;
  • new nuclear construction plans in Europe and the diversification policy of nuclear material sources implemented by the EU;
  • the growing interest of utilities that Russian suppliers have sustainable business ties to with regard to the packaged procurement of nuclear fuel components (EUP

    Enriched Uranium Product
    /fuel assemblies); and
  • competitors’ development plans.

The most important internal factors that ensure the competitiveness of the Company’s market offer and are taken into consideration in the Strategy design, include:

  • the availability of the world’s largest uranium enrichment capacities, which use highly efficient gas centrifuge technology;
  • the longstanding and impeccable history of deliveries to dozens of customers in different regions of the world;
  • the possibility of offering NFC products and services both as separate components and as package supplies;
  • the effective sales network–affiliated companies in the key target markets;
  • the use of flexible pricing mechanisms and delivery terms;
  • the well-developed system of foreign material accounts;
  • the possibility of diversifying shipping points for exportintended products, including the use of seaports in Northwest Russia and the Far East;
  • the readiness to take most market and currency risks;
  • the capability to ensure the minimum time from receipt of feed (in places convenient for the client) to delivery of the end product;
  • guarantees of uninterruptible supplies owing to warehouse stock; and
  • the availability of modern legal framework for cooperation with all countries that develop nuclear power.

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