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Shaping JSC Techsnabexport’s strategy

In mid-2013, ROSATOM specified scenarios and indicators for the Russian nuclear industry to achieve its strategic goals and adjusted implementation plans for development programmes and strategic projects to meet the available investment resources.

At the same time, the main strategic development vector of ROSATOM remained unchanged: to achieve technological leadership in nuclear technology and to strengthen its position as a global supplier of nuclear technology and services to the world market by 2030.

JSC Techsnabexport updates its strategy on a regular basis with due consideration of changes in the world market situation and in line with the updated programmatic documents of the higher level, i.e. the Concept of Long-term Socio-economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation, and the Activity Strategy of ROSATOM and its major export-directed organisations.

According to the JSC Techsnabexport Development Strategy approved4 by ROSATOM’s Strategic Committee, the integrated indicator set forth for the Company as a measure of the achievement of strategic goals by 2030 shows a share of uranium product supplies for the foreign-design NPPs, which ensures that the Company will maintain its status as the world’s leading supplier of NFC products and services.

4 28.01.2014

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