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Address from the General Director

Committed work of the Company’s team made it possible to fully meet key production, financial, and economic targets set up by ROSATOM for 2013 in the consistently challenging market landscape.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In my introduction to the Public Annual Report of JSC Techsnabexport for 2013, which has been written in the now habitual integrated format, I would like, though breaking the usual order somehow, to draw your attention to the Report section on the Company’s sustainability activities, which describes the support of our environmental programmes. Given the fact that 2013 was declared the Environmental Protection Year in Russia, the Report provides extensive information on projects sponsored by JSC Techsnabexport and the Company’s spending on these undoubtedly lofty aims. Over the past five years, the funds allocated for these aims have increased by nearly 1.5 times.

The reporting year is a special year in the Company’s history. The year of the Company’s 50th anniversary coincided with the completion of JSC Techsnabexport’s participation in the implementation of a set of contracts signed in pursuance of the Russia–US intergovernmental agreement concerning the disposition of highly enriched uranium

Uranium with a uranium-235 content equal to or more than 20% by mass.
derived from dismantled nuclear weapons from 1993.

The Company’s contribution to the development of international nuclear cooperation and its great achievements in the peaceful uses of atomic energy were distinguished by the Diploma of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Speaking of results of the reporting year, I would like to underline that the concerted, committed work of the Company’s team made it possible to fully meet key roduction, financial, and economic targets set up by ROSATOM for 2013 in the consistently challenging market landscape.

Despite a slight drop, compared to 2012, of the financial and economic indicators due to the market situation, the total exports of the Company exceeded US $3 billion, while the long-term contract portfolio amounted to nearly US $25 billion in comparable prices.

In the situation of the continued high competition in the world NFC

A sequence of processes to support the operation of nuclear reactors that covers uranium mining through the disposal of radioactive waste.
product market due to excessive supply, JSC Techsnabexport has signed nine new contracts and prolonged two existing contracts, as well as signed five addendums to uranium product export contracts.

Today, JSC Techsnabexport’s deliveries meet about one-third of the uranium enrichment services needs of NPPs in the USA, Western Europe, and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Another stage of trying out a new route for shipping Russian uranium products via Russia’s Far East was passed: the first successful shipment to Japan in October 2012 was followed by two enriched uranium batch shipments from Vostochny Seaport in Maritime Territory to the Republic of Korea in November–December 2013. This confirmed the feasibility of the use of the Far-Eastern seaport for regular commercial shipments of high-technology products from the Russian nuclear industry to Asia-Pacific countries.

JSC Techsnabexport has always paid and continues to pay great attention to the application of the world’s best practices in terms of corporate governance and social responsibility, as well as active interaction with representatives from a broad range of stakeholders.

According to the monitoring audits held in 2013 by the certification authority TÜV Thüringen e.V. (Germany), JSC Techsnabexport’s activities were confirmed as being compliant with the requirements of international standards: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 and ISO 28000:2007.

Though couched in the formal language of numbers and facts, each of the year’s outcomes stems from the work contributed by certain specialists. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Company’s team and each employee for the dedication, responsibility, and creativity shown in their work.

I am confident that the high-quality standards of JSC Techsnabexport’s operations will be maintained and that the beneficial outcomes will continue to grow.

Lyudmila Zalimskaya     

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