Annual Report 2013
Development of management systems

The implementation, certification, and development of the management systems that meet international standards and requirements creates a possibility for further business expansion while still ensuring an appropriate level of reliability and security for product deliveries.

JSC Techsnabexport has implemented and continuously improved the corporate management systems certified according to various standards, including DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 – the quality management system (QMS), DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 – the environmental management system (EMS), and ISO 28000:2007 – the supply chain security management system (SCSMS). Audits are carried out on a regular basis, along with the monitoring of the conformance to the said international standards of export-import NFC product delivery management business processes.

Key business processes within the management systems

In the reporting year, the monitoring audits revealed two issues of QMS, four issues of EMS, and seven issues of SCSMS.

Number of issues revealed by certification and monitoring audits of certified management systems from 2008–2013

Furthermore, in 2013, JSC Techsnabexport specialists, together with representatives of customers (AREVA and EDF), took part as the second party in three audits at JSC UECC, JSC ECP, and JSC SCC (JSC TVEL’s enterprises). The audits resulted in positive statements, i.e. no non-compliances were revealed.